Autumn atmosphere with Amaryllis

By iMages - November 12, 2020

Autumn has arrived! It's time to enjoy this warm fall atmosphere in the house with… .. Well yes, with Amaryllis.

Pleasantly warm amaryllis

How pleasant it is, after a beautiful summer to see fall coming back! A crackling fire, beautiful soft cushions to curl up on and warm plaids make us envy. The final touch is Amaryllis .

In the garden, nature can fall asleep, but in the house the temperature is so pleasant that these gigantic flower bulbs will love it. So don't waste time, and get your house ready for the next season.

Amaryllis, spectacular growth

Amaryllis is a huge flower bulb. And as you put it in your heated house, the bulb thinks it's spring. Soon beautiful flowers will come out. This growth process is spectacular. First, the leaves and stems come out of the bulb, and soon the first buds appear.

After a few weeks, huge flowers grow there. Its most famous flower is red, but they are also found in white, orange, pink and cream.

Styling and decoration with amaryllis

But how to decorate your interior with Amaryllis  ? It may sound difficult, but it is not. All the nutrients are in the bulb, so there is no need for additional soil or water.

The flowers will always shine in all their beauty. You can arrange the bulbs in a glass vase, with or without potting soil underneath.

But they can also be arranged for example separately on a dish. All you have to do is choose: find the style you like.

Interesting and fun details

Did you know that the official name of Amaryllis is Hippeastrum?

These large flower bulbs were originally sourced from South America.

4-6 huge flowers grow on a stem. The larger the bulb, the more flowers there are.




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